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ALISSIA SPACES is a virtual 3D mixed reality shopping game.

It is VR/AR ready but also supports mobile/desktop/web and gaming console.

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ALISSIA SPACES is an interactive 3D shopping game which turns e-commerce into a much more life-like experience.

Window shopping 2.0!

ALISSIA SPACES brings back the feeling of really shopping without being in a physical store.

The launch product will support VR/AR and will run on mobile/desktop/web and gaming console.

Check out the demo clip which gives you a better impression of the level design, the idea and the potential.


ALISSIA SPACES turns the present 2D online shopping into a 3D customer experience.

Brands or their agencies can design spaces for promotion, sales and or business offerings.

Some examples:

1. Fashion:

Brands can hand out special dresses for the avatars of the game. Every customer gets one avatar and can personalize him that way.

Brands can offer special daily deals which are just valid one day and just through ALISSIA SPACES claimable.

2. Entertainment:

Brands can promote a star/product/service etc. in a much more interactive way.

Brands can let an artist virtually perform on stage.

Brands can create In-Game Games which are playable within the own space of the brand.

3. Automotive:

Brands can showcase products and or prototypes.

Customer can configurate their car.

Customer are able to do a virtual test drive with the configured car.


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ALISSIA SPACES, the interactive 3D shopping experience. We take the online shopping experience to the next level! Check out the demo:
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