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We sell Patavinus codes on stickers, key chains, labels (etc.) either to companies as promotional items or to customers

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In the future, each of your valuables will have an own, anonymous chat. If you lose your valuable, the finder can chat with you within 30 seconds, as if you would have been connected via Whatsapp. The difference is: both of you stay anonymous, so nobody has to provide any personal information. And imagine this advantage would cost you 0 Euro, because companies give it to you as promotional item.


For B2C: Extremely easy for the finder to contact the owner directly, without having to provide any personal information or downloading anything

For B2B: Emotional boosting for your brand. Imagine your customers associates your brand with the luck of finding back his/her valuable

For B2B: Versatile. From low-cost stickers for the masses to exclusive key chains for chosen customers.

For B2B: one of the first promotional items where usage is trackable, and thereby A/B Testing is possible

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Patavinus UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Never lose valuables anymore, because there will always be a finder who helps you directly with a simple chat message
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