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App zur Reiseplanung und Buchung.
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Über die Firma

Why Travention?

As a travel startup, we combine flights, hotels, rental cars and activities for travel to and within the USA in a system that is worldwide unique

Travention funding

Travention Funding

Über das Produkt

Travention is a transparent, innovative booking platform to assist with travel planning and execution within the United States of America.

Planning trips within the US can be nerve-wrecking and very time consuming. Travention has the solution for this problem. The booking platform of Travention follows an easy step-by-step system that can easily be navigated through and paused at any time if necessary. The platform combines all aspects of travelling in one spot. So your trip can be as extensive as you wish, Travention is able to make this possible at the best price possible.

All trips are limitlessly plannable and customizable. You can invite your travel companions to join in the planning process and give them individual power to plan own little getaways within the main itinerary. In the end everyone will receive a booklet in paper or digital form listing a complete timeline of the trip with all customizations, tips and info’s along the routes

What makes us unique!


.​ONE search engine combining flights, hotels, rentals and activities across the United States

.Interactive planning with travel companions (on our platform)

.Transparent prices directly from the provider

.A maximum service charge of 250 USD per person

.Limitless combination of all travel aspects

.True individuality

Other tour operators

.Selected travel aspects (because of certain providers)

.Package travel offers, building block principle (with given routes and day trips) or on request by answering questions (offer completed by the travel agent)

.Demand commissions from the providers

.Additional costs which are added to the travel price as a percentage at the end

.Selection of combination (limitation by binding partnerships)

.Partly individuality, partly ready-made travel packages

Travention offers the perfect solution for:

Business trips


Weekend getaways

Couple holidays






Nature lovers

We also provide a 24/7 support team reachable via phone, web, social media and chat to support with any issues that may occur. Our Customer Care Team is trained to give you tips and advice regarding your itinerary to maximize your experience when travelling. Travention groups, organizations and couples within the United States through the sophisticated booking network bookings can be placed from anywhere to anywhere. Even though the service is tailored for above mentioned groups, travelling alone is not a problem, there are no additional costs.

Travention is a service completely free of hidden costs, contract bindings and obscure services. You get exactly what you want, if it is not included in our network there is a good reason for it. Travention operates on a low price basis that can only be met with the prices found only on the websites of the individual service providers at best. We pass all the prices straight to our customers and cap the result with our service fee with a max of 250 USD.

But who are the people behind Travention?

Kevin Scarsella von Haag

Co-Owner Head of Finance & Legal Dept.

Facts about Kevin

.His strengths: Presentation and assertiveness

.Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

.certified event manager

.experienced in leading positions

.strong social skills benefit him in exchanging ideas and negotiating with others

Motto: "There are many good ideas of humanity, it often lacks only the power to implement them."

Jacqueline Scarsella

Co-owner Head of Marketing and Communications

Facts about Jacqueline

Her strengths: Strategy and creativity

.Bachelor of Arts (BA)

.competencies in market research

.practical experience in project development and the implementation of marketing measures

structured and fair

Motto: "Stand by your wishes and put them into action."

Christopher Steiner

Co-Owner Head of Tourism & Sales

Facts about Christopher

His strengths: Communication and customer orientation

.trained travel agent and years of professional experience in a travel agency

.valuable contacts in the travel tourism industry

.open and self-confident nature

​Motto: "It's when pure emotions collide, that moments become memories and milestones.


Christopher Steiner Co-Owner Head of Tourism & Sales
Jacqueline Scarsella Co-Owner Head of Marketing & Comm.
Kevin Scarsella von Haag Co-Owner Head of Finance & Legal Dept.

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