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Winstate creates high-quality, unique social media content at scale. Users can request, manage and post their social media post from one single app to all platforms of their choice. AI-supported content creation results in a highly-scalable approach.

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Winstate offers AI-supported ghostwriting services for social media content. Users can request and manage their post in a single app.


Social media marketing has become the most effective way to reach people. Everyone wants to be more active,

but most people don't have time nor the expertise to create high-quality posts on a regular basis.

Winsate relieves that pain. Based on their key topics, hashtags and goals, users receive high-quality social media posts that they can distribute immediately.

Based on a scientific framework, Winstate can optimize for maximum reach and engagement. We use AI to speed up the post creation process.

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Winstate provides an SaaS-Platform that offers AI-supported ghostwriting services for social media content.