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Manage Visibility

By creating and managing a free company profile you can fuel your traction including higher Google reach.


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Several features help you make new meaningful contacts, such as smart filters, sorting options, and a powerful search tool.



Get in touch with and keep track of interesting startups, investors and others – simply manage your watchlists.

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Powerful solutions to leverage your business and the German startup ecosystem at large.

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Get matched
Customize reports into your inbox
Process templates for simpler business execution
Configurable reporting
Integration of your workflows with powerful APIs

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Service Plan

We keep your company profile up to date
We publish new press releases and events of and for your company
Personal assitance
You do not need to do anything to attractively showcase your company

49€ / month

(plus VAT)

Setup Service

We initially setup a profile for your company
We gather all information in coordination with you
We fill in texts, select appropriate images, and onboard your team
Personal assistance

229€ single payment

(plus VAT)

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