New senseBox:edu Book Available

Reedu GmbH & Co. KG: New senseBox:edu Book Available

The senseBox is an electronic kit for schools and educational institutions that focuses on experimenting and programming using sensors. In addition to an open-source microcontroller unit (MCU) based on the Arduino platform, sensors, data transmission components and other accessories are supplied.

Sensors for measuring various environmental phenomena such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, illuminance, UV radiation, volume, distance (via ultrasonic sensor) as well as inclination and orientation allow creative work on a variety of questions. In addition, the measured values can be transferred via a WiFi module to a web platform for open sensor data - the openSenseMap.

The book to the kit presents exciting projects approximately around the following topics:

- Output of measured values

- Designing logics

- Simulate coincidences

- Control of different LEDs

- An acoustic (light) switch

- Parking aid and traffic counter with ultrasonic sensor and piezo loudspeaker

- senseBox as a musical instrument

- IoT weather station and alarm system

- A game of skill with the senseBox

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