Olmatic Power Tracking - Intelligent and central networking of machines and processes at supply level for the dynamic distribution of energy in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the intelligent and central networking of machines and processes in industry in order to further advance the digitization and automation of industrial sectors and, among other things, to optimize essential aspects such as flexible and automated production steps in their energy management - in line with Energy Management 4.0.

It is a complex project - because the more interfaces and data we provide, the more central the need for an efficient energy management system becomes. With its new energy management system consisting of an intelligent power supply unit (universal OPT) and central control unit (wiu OPT), Olmatic GmbH provides the optimum combination for the central and platform-independent networking of all consumers in an industrial site at the supply level and made possible by the highly innovative Olmatic Power Tracking process a dynamic energy distribution and therefore enormous energy savings in Industry 4.0.

High energy consumption demands high energy efficiency actions

Many production facilities - especially in the automotive sector - generate enormous energy consumption of up to 27.000.000 kWh over the year. Their production structures include the press shop, to chassis production and vehicle assembly by robotic systems and manufacturing machines, which steadily increase energy consumption. Through targeted energy efficiency actions, this energy consumption can be drastically reduced by implementing intelligent and targeted energy sharing between different energy systems. Especially for such energy management, the Olmatic Power Tracking is used. Thereby, there is the possibility of specifically control and regulate each consumer within a system, such as e.g. at a robot system and to make the energy gained available to other system components - this offers the system's development completely new universal application and control options.

Extensive product range for the industrial environment

The Olmatic product range, which is available through its cooperation partner Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, offers in addition to their customer-specific solutions for intelligent power supply with energy management and the central control units already available ready-made solutions for a wide range of applications in industrial environments - the intelligent power supplies "universal OPT" with an extended range of services are the perfect solution for reliable energy supply and centralized networking at the supply level in Industry 4.0. The energy management system realizes maximum transparency of all available performance parameters of the production structure and thus not only enables a visual representation but also a physical monitoring, control and regulation of the productions and their energy.

Energy sharing between different energy systems with maximum efficiency and platform independence

The model UOPT-230V-1KW5 already provides a specific view of up to 5 outputs, which can be dynamically regulated in their output power and assigned to other outputs. As a result, the systems enable highly efficient energy sharing between different energy systems with an efficiency of up to >91%. The saved, excess energy can also be used, for example, for any Power-To-X applications. All outputs are DC-based and can also be configured in their output voltage of +12-48VDC and dynamically regulated. On the input side, the modules have a wide-range input of 90-264VAC (47-63Hz) with active power factor correction for the worldwide use of the systems, in addition there is the possibility to connect another energy source as a backup line to ensure high availability. At the inputs and outputs, the integrated short-circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage protection functions ensure additional operational safety. Among other things, the efficiently constructed module impresses with its extended working temperature range of -10 to 70°C and is ideally suited for 24/7 continuous operation, which is supported by the optimized lifetime of the power supply unit. In order to enable a platform-independent energy sharing between different systems, the modules realize a sophisticated normalization of the respective data protocols in the EVA principle so that even energy systems with different bus systems and communication protocols can communicate with each other.

High integration capability through customer-specific adjustments

The two core products "universal OPT" and "wiu OPT" are customer-specific solutions that can be individually adapted to the needs of the system developer. For example, performance parameters, inputs and outputs, bus systems and the form factor of the products can be adapted - in addition, the modular design principle achieves a low Time-2-Market. Both products can be used independently of each other, so the "universal OPT" stand-alone serves as an intelligent power supply with energy management and can e.g. be linked for existing energy management systems as an open interface within the supply line. Among other things, adaptations of already existing communication protocols are carried out in order to realize an extension of the energy management. In addition, Olmatic GmbH offers a continuous consultation of the design-in-processes, as well as a detailed project support by the development and service team.

Artificial intelligence through implemented software

In conjunction with the central control unit "wiu OPT" and the software implementation of Olmatic Power Tracking, the system also realizes a kind of artificial intelligence. This means that the software always learns, adapts and optimizes with increasing usage time due to the stored empirical values of the current application scenario, as well as the comparison with stored data of similar application scenarios and real-time analysis. In addition, the method is always globally networked and may be e.g. continuously query current load conditions, future load peaks, etc. and incorporate them into intelligent energy management. As the duration of use and dissemination of the process increases, the energy management is thus continuously optimized.

Machine learning using characteristics and intelligent algorithms

In order to realize this intelligent energy management, the AI collects and stores continuously corresponding performance parameters and characteristics for each connected consumer via the appropriately used sensors of the "universal OPT" power modules - this data is broad and covers, among other things, power consumption, temperature values , Light intensity of individual sections, up to the CO² measurement of the room air and can also be adjusted according to customer-specific application and built-in sensors. In order to be able to carry out further optimization algorithms, comparisons and processing of the data packets, an algorithm developed by Olmatic GmbH is used to normalize the collected data and to ensure the integrity of the digital communication system.

On a back-end server in the cloud, these standardized data are compared and evaluated in the next step with other available data such as weather forecasts, load profiles, peak values, as well as the power availability over the current electricity market and comparable application scenarios. Here, too, special algorithms are used to detect corresponding optimization potentials in energy management and to show them to the system - the more data available, the more detailed possible optimization potentials can be evaluated. Thanks to the intelligent Olmatic Power Tracking process, which is a combination of software and hardware, these optimization potentials can not only be recognized and demonstrated as traditional with conventional EMS, but by controlling the energy management modules “universal OPT” integrated in the supply line and automate the energy management - an enormous step towards Industry and Energy Management 4.0.

Maximum safety through the highest safety standards

In order to avoid malfunctions of the AI in general, in addition to the basic configuration and training by the service team, a parameterization of the respective networked and recognized consumers within the software is required and implemented. Among other things, appropriate power hysteresis is set here with minimum and maximum limit parameters which are in no case exceeded by the software. In addition, the user always has the option of configuring the operating mode of the EMS in such a way that a general confirmation of the identified optimization proposals becomes necessary before they are implemented via the AI in the energy management. In addition, if necessary, it can be checked in advance whether the identified optimization potentials are plausible and in accordance with one's own ideas. In addition, the system can be reset to factory settings at any time.

Especially in digital systems, the privacy of the customer and the security against unauthorized access plays a major role. The fact that only the normalized data is transmitted, the system prevents the general transfer of personal data. To prevent possible attacks from outside, the backend servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers that implement the highest security standards and guidelines. To ensure the highest level of data security, the data packets between the central control unit and the back-end server as well as between the central control unit and the power modules are protected by additional end-to-end encryption (E2EE). In addition, only connections between the listed components are permitted - a configuration or parameterization of the system can only be carried out directly from the site using special software and trained personnel. The service technician has a special configuration port available directly at the central control unit.

The central control unit is currently based on an Intel Atom - E39XX processor with 4 x 1.6 GHz and is characterized among other things by the low power consumption of max. 12W by low-power CPU off. In order to avoid direct system failures, an uninterruptible power supply with integrated LiFePO4 accumulator is used, which ensures high safety and a long service life. The central control units with their extended temperature range of -40 to + 70 ° C and optional IP68 version are also ideal for 24/7 long-term operation and outdoor use. The compact design and the robust housing enable a high integration capability.

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH with a focus on integrated system solutions

Holistic system solutions are the focus of industry - and energy plays a key role in this. In order to be well prepared for the market of the future, Endrich, one of the leading specialist distributors for electronic components in Europe, builds on Olmatic GmbH as a cooperation partner. Everybody is aware that the topic of energy is currently causing waves in the wake of the energy transition - even if many companies are still struggling with it. We all have a global responsibility and so in the future all companies will have intelligent energy management systems. An important common strategy of both companies is to advance deep into the machines of the manufacturers with the hardware in order to serve the market of the industry perfectly. That Endrich is the ideal cooperation partner is clearly obvious.

Quote Dr. med. Christiane Endrich, Managing Director, Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH:

"This innovative technology opens up great opportunities for us and we can help our customers to develop energy-saving products."

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Wir entwickeln, produzieren und vermarkten Geräte und Systeme für Energiemanagement und digitale Vernetzung durch zentrale Steuereinheiten in den Bereichen Industry 4.0 und IoT.
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Wir entwickeln, produzieren und vermarkten Geräte und Systeme für Energiemanagement und digitale Vernetzung durch zentrale Steuereinheiten in den Bereichen Industry 4.0 und IoT.
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