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Treasurize is the leading marketplace for expertise and training. Deliver the right knowledge at the right time, in the right place, to people and businesses in a cost-effective way. That is the mission.

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Treasurize is the leading marketplace for knowledge and training in the areas of market studies, e-learning, services and seminary. Treasurize offers one of the largest portfolios in germany with more than 10.000 market studies, 40.000 scientific textbooks, 15.000 e-learning courses and 1.400 services and seminary.


The biggest portfolio in germany - the market place already includes around 120 comapanies and more than 65.000 products and services

More than 15.000 e-learning courses from the best vendors. World-renowned universities such as Harvard University, MIT or TU Munich, technology groups such as Microsoft, amazon or IBM, the best-known German-language e-learning providers such as Lecturio, Campus Lab or Lingoda as well as the largest international providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, edX or Coursera sell their e-learning courses on TREASURIZE

Offering is completely free of charge for vendors. Only a commission is charged by the seller in case of success. There is therefore no risk for sellers, buyers benefit from comprehensive quality control and secure payment methods.

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Treasurize GmbH
Treasurize is the leading marketplace for knowledge and training

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