Who we are

We are a team of colleagues based in Berlin and Stuttgart. We bring together broad capital markets expertise and extensive contacts in the nationwide startup scene, politics, and abroad. We are committed to develop and deliver new innovative services that help startups find the right partners and ease their funding process.

Before Startbase, both project partners have already been highly engaged in the startup ecosystem, busy with venture capital, organizing pitching events, forming resilient networks, or influencing political conditions that favor the growth of startups.

Our vision

… is to build a central, vibrant platform that helps establish Germany as one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world – Startbase. The platform standardizes information, facilitates online discovery, supports to gain exposure, and will foster access to funding. Starting out, we focus on simplifying the way startups can find and connect with investors, corporates, and other meaningful organizations from Germany and abroad. By doing this, we make sure that young innovative companies grow faster!

Björn Kaminski
Björn Kaminski
Member of the Steering Committee / German Startups Association
Dr. Marc Mehlhorn
Member of the Steering Committee / Börse Stuttgart
Dr. Michael Völter
Member of the Steering Committee / Börse Stuttgart
Jan Hendrik Merlin Reichenbacher
Project CDO / Börse Stuttgart
Maria Müller
Project Manager / German Startups Association
Stefan Nothacker
Project Manager / Börse Stuttgart
Danny Giebe
UX / UI Designer
Lydia Takit
Operations Manager / German Startups Association
Vanusch Walk
Working Student / German Startups Association
Max Merk
Working Student / Börse Stuttgart
Paul Wolter
Communications Manager / German Startups Association