Custody of Digital Assets

5 Companies x 7 Minutes (Online Presentations with Metaco, Tangany, Upvest, Riddle & Code, DECUS Network).

Due to the developments around the Corona Virus some events may have been cancelled or postponed.
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Custody of Digital Assets

Blockchain and community building. This is our mission. The Corona virus did not make things easier for us, but we will now move our business online to help education and dissemination in the blockchain area.


Metaco (Seamus Donoghue)

Tangany (Julian Richter)

Upvest (Martin Kassing)

Riddle & Code (Berit Fuss)

DECUS Network (Simon Peters)

Event Location

Custody of Digital Assets

  • 04/28/2020
    09:00 - 09:45
  • Online Event