Online: Cashwalk Vol. 11

Exclusive Virtual Pitch Event – for Startups and Investors Only

Online: Cashwalk Vol. 11

With Cashwalk, we offer a platform for startups and investors to meet in an exclusive virtual environment to get in touch, meet potential partners, and kick-off prosperous relationships.

Why Should I Join as a Startup:

- Meet 100 potential investors for your Seed or Series A funding

- Virtual networking to connect with potential partners, investors, and other startups

- Take the chance to win consulting sessions and individual coachings

Why Should I Attend as an Investor:

- Connect with 50 pre-selected, top-notch startups at once

- Startups from trending industries in clustered pitching rounds

- Networking breaks to have first personal conversations

It is our goal to provide all event attendees with the best possible experience in a safe atmosphere without any distractions. This is why we exclusively offer this event for startups and investors. Tickets are for VCs, Business Angels and Corporate Investors only.

Covid-19 Disclaimer

Due to the developments around the Corona Virus some events may have been cancelled or postponed.
You can find the latest information on the respective event websites.

  • 09/28/2021
    14:00 - 19:30
  • Online Event

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