Platforming is one of the most powerful ways to integrate different tools in one system. Combined with excellent UI/UX design a tailor-made product related work experience can be created. A marketplace provides transparency and recency as known from

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Aeroji is a project that pursues to connect all aero engine aftermarket stakeholders on a single platform in order to make engine trading more efficient and networking easier and faster. Therefore Aeroji combines a market place with a social network and offers a range of effective digital features and functions. Its users will reduce management efforts, get more transparency about supply and demand, expand their networks and finally get more value-adding interactions.


Checking for available assets comes with time-consuming efforts and limited options. It requires an active approach towards known sources. Aeroji provides an overview of available assets world wide and helps to unlock new sources and business opportunities.

Engine availability fluctuates heavily. Yesterday's information might be outdated today. This results in accelerated efforts in order to stay up to date. Alerts and notifications keep you up to date about assets of interest – hence the right match can be made faster.

Building and maintaining a structured aviation network requires years of experience and long standing relationships. Aeroji provides a market oriented social network which is based on lean communication principles.

Received information about engine availability is distributed over multiple systems which results in redundant and non-transparent data management. All relevant asset information is aggregated in a single system.

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Deine Plattform für effizienten Motorenhandel und schnelle Vernetzung.
  • 2020
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  • Berlin, DE