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1.) "CLIMAVI" best in class IoT-solutions for environmental monitoring

2. ) hybride-AI System"FARMALYZER" with APP, API interface and its own serverless IoT-platform for operating radio sensors and for intersecting other data sources

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We are fighting for the climate-smart revolution of agriculture- "the AGVOLUTION"

Our objective is the global development, manufacture and sale of our hybride-AI-intelligence based on an energy self-sufficient IoT wireless sensor network as well as satellite, ground and machine data. AGVOLUTION turns Climate-Smart-Agriculture (CSA) from a political agenda into real world healthy food production.


+ IP rights and patents for the IoT solution and sensors are currently being examined

+ Combination of in-situ field data, weather, machine data and image analysis (satellites, drones, etc.)

+ Process data through an energy self-sufficient, cost-efficient and worldwide usable radio sensor network,

(IoT Internet of Things)

+ Process-based decision aids based on AI and model ensembles

+ site-specific economic and ecological optimization (per sqm)

+ Applications for public institutions, universities, forestry, house and gardening

+ Strong interdisciplinary team provide the hard- and software for Climate-Smart-Agriculture (CSA)

+ best IoT-Solution for mircoclimate measurement with highest precision for the moist affordable price


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AGVOLUTION offers IoT and AI-technology solutions for climate-friendly agriculture, forestry and horticulture.