We identify components with a high optimization potential for additive manufacturing, compare them with the current manufacturing method and evaluate their cost-effectiveness. The selected parts are developed according to the customer's requirements.



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amprove develops high-performance functional components, which are created by a novel simulation-supported process and designed for the specific application. Currently, the focus is on the development of components for additive manufacturing (3D printing). The components developed by us offer advantages through: Structural lightweight design, functional and component integration as well as increased performance through e.g: higher stiffness, durability.


Our process chain is based on state-of-the-art simulation methods and begins tailoring our designs for additive manufacturing right from the start of component development. This enables us to generate innovative component structures close to the mathematical optimum. Our parts are precisely customized to the user's desired load case and can prioritize economic efficiency or performance as required. Through our modular process chain, we can realize high-performance components in very short development times.

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Wir stellen Hochleistungskomponenten für die additive Herstellung her. Profitiere von Leichtbau, Funktions- und Komponentenintegration, höherer Steifigkeit und Haltbarkeit.