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> location-based storytelling: audio guides I soundwalks

> immersive storytelling: innovative Booktrailers (Soundblurbs) I audible and entertaining company podcasts

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We pick people up where they are, with what they like - "snackable entertainment": with audio guides that can be downloaded to mobile phones, independent of tourist opening hours, short radio play-like book trailers that let non-readers immerse themselves in the world of books on the way to work, at the bus stop or on the sofa, or with corporate podcasts during sports or before falling asleep. We are #hear!


We develop a narrative that is tailored to you and your wishes, which conveys the contents that are important to you. Stories today are no longer told through one medium alone, but through many platforms. Whether you are looking for a special audio guide for visitors to a construction site or a soundwalk for the Beethoven Year. Whether you want to pick up the 6.4 million readers lost to the social media channels with an innovative audio trailer for books (sound blurbs) where they are now, or develop a corporate podcast. Listening is very trendy, every fourth German listens to podcasts regularly, and the trend is rising.

We have received several awards for our unusual approach to implementation, and our cultural and creative working methods.

„Wir sind die Stradivari unter den Blockflöten!“

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AudiotexTour ist eine Agentur für Audio-Storytelling "Die Leute hören gerne Geschichten"! Hast du bereits eine Audio-Strategie oder ein Audio-Branding für deine Stadt, deine Tourismusregion oder dein Unternehmen? Und welche Geschichte möchtest du