The great potential of a digital twin quickly convinces customers from Scan-to-BIM. If there weren’t the long waiting times. The fact that clients actually do wait months for the scan to be converted confirms that BIM is the example of digitization

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We are a high-tech start-up from beautiful Ulm, Germany, founded by two AI developers from automotive research. Our goal is the simplification and automation of Scan-To-BIM. Using AI software that converts laser point clouds into BIM data and CAD models, aurivus plans to enter the market soon. We are currently expanding our company in the areas of business development, marketing and sales.


Automatic Scan-to-BIM. With one click and the aurivus AI, a modeler can do the work which otherwise needs 70 to 200 clicks. Since one “click” in a large point cloud can take seconds, this makes the work of a modeler dramatically easier. But the aurivus AI is still trained for more, until our cloud service can automatically transform incoherent point clouds into 3D building models.

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Entwickelt KI-Software zur Verarbeitung von Lasermessdaten.
  • 2019
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  • Ulm, DE