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Online-Shop zum Kaufen und Mieten von Designermöbeln.
  • Andere
  • Pre-Seed-Phase
  • Einzelhandel / E-Commerce
  • B2C
  • 2021
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • München, DE
  • Berget UG

Über die Firma

We aim at becoming the leading platform for sustainable home creation in Europe.

We founded berget in August 2021 and went live with the beta version of in November.

We believe that Europe needs a more flexible and sustainable solution when it comes to furnishing.

We want to fight against the 10 million tons of furniture waste that's discarded every year in the EU alone.

Über das Produkt

Berget is a B2C E-Commerce platform for subscriptions of design furniture.

The key aspects are:

- Subscription at low monthly rates with option to buy items for residual value.

- Fast and free delivery & assembly.

- Moving? It's easy. We do it for you.

- You can change your furniture at any time.

berget was founded by Bianca Stöckl and Lukas Huth.

Bianca enjoys building complex tech products with seamless integrations and high customer value in Proptech. At berget, she masters the core and leads berget’s technical and operational infrastructure.

Lukas was driving value creation in the core processes of his clients at Celonis. At berget, he combines his knowledge in excelling procurement and finance operations.


Lukas Huth Geschäftsführer
since 2021
Bianca Stöckl Geschäftsführerin
since 2021

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