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Product / Service Summary

The first module comprises our developed innovative electronic signature module that runs completely over the blockchain with an innovative contract management.

An equity management is the second pillar of our innovative tokenization engine.


Pre-Seed Stage




Tokenizing assets is an effective way of facilitating the flow of money into the European economy by enabling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to substantially finance themselves by issuing securities (security tokens). At the same time major legal and technical challenges appear, that we want or have been able to solve through the BlockAxs toolbox for tokenization and equity management.

The BlockAxs Toolbox is used for tokenization preparation and tokenization execution.

Preparation of tokenization (1st Module):

- Digital, collaborative contract management plus a blockchain signature.

- Contract framework to issue contracts and a securities prospectus for shares tokenization.

- We will be able to guide customers through the process from drafting of a contract to the legally effective conclusion of a contract within one day.

Tokenization execution (2nd Module):

- Development of a highly innovative technical concept for smart contracts implementation.


Our competitive advantage is a combination of LegalTech and Fintech targeted towards SMEs. Our own electronic blockchain signature and smart contract management provide a cost and speed advantage at a better price for the same lawyer output quality level.

In summary, this innovation will generate legally compliant smart contracts and issue security tokens at lower costs, higher speed with the appropriate quality for agile SME growth financing.

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Tokenisation preparation and execution with BlockAxs.
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