BLUQUIST is the go-to platform for building insights-driven and effective human potential strategies across your entire organisation. We deliver validated insights for staffing, role management and team forming. 500+ Coaches are supporting you.

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The BLUQUIST team has developed a unique approach that combines personality tests with evaluations (assessments) of other psychological levels of the individual. This results in a valuable combination of character traits and intrinsic motives with values, preferences, goals, resources, competencies, the current situation and well-being. A basic principle is that assessments are not only made once and the results are not looked at afterwards, but that smaller assessments are made again and again to reflect developments.

BLUQUIST combines all modules on one platform, which, in addition to centralised control and overview, also offers the possibility of setting up further individually developed modules (for example, if a character assessment already exists) or developing them yourself. BLUQUIST follows a consistently agile and lean methodology. Through interfaces to other systems, complete integration can be achieved, which supports a holistic approach. Coaches and other partners can also easily interact on the platform to deepen the development of people, teams and organisational areas. A role and security concept ensures the protection of personal sensitive information.


The platform uses state-of-the-art technology, which is also AI-ready. The self-learning processes are primarily used to provide employees in the various roles (individual contributor, leader, HR professional, coach, etc.) with appropriate recommendations and food for thought based on the results of the assessments (Recommendations). These can be either direct recommendations for action ("Dear Team Lead, take a look at employee M., her current task does not match her basic motives"), can be psychologically based impulses for further development or simple recommendations for external content such as blogs or books.

BLUQUIST Team Members

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Stellt Daten über das individuelle Potenzial von Mitarbeitern und Teams zur Verfügung, um die Besetzung freier Stellen und die Weiterentwicklung von Fach- und Führungskräften zu ermöglichen.
  • 2018
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
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  • Mannheim, DE