Our app is a platform for local fashion. BLVRD shows the availability of local clothing items in your city. You can save the items on a shopping list and the app will create a route for you. It also shows how much CO2 you save by shopping locally.

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BLVRD is the first search engine for local fashion. Bringing customers back to stores by providing a product oriented platform to find desired items in your city. No packages, no returns, no stress.


BLVRD is the first online fashion search engine for offline clothes. There have been attempts before, but they failed. One of their biggest mistakes of previous attempts was done by a generalist – BLVRD specifies in clothes. Furthermore, you cannot purchase the items via the app. You actually have to go into the store, like the good old times. This boosts small businesses as well as the local economy and reduces the CO2 footprint of online deliveries. Every second online order is being returned in the fashion industry.

Furthermore, BLVRD offers the exclusive buying behaviour insights for local retail purchases. The information is then put into graphs and accessible through a dashboard provided by us. Retailers will have access to live data of their customers browsing their offline assortment online and see what trends are currently in demand and bought on site.

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BLVRD: „Die erste Suchmaschine für Offlineshopping“

Im Elevator Pitch tritt heute BLVRD an. Das Start-up verrät Kunden, in welchem Laden sie ihre Lieblingsstücke finden. Wie urteilt Investor Felix Haas?

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BLVRD ist die nachhaltige Alternative zum Online-Shopping. Du bist auf der Suche nach einem Outfit? Wir zeigen dir, wo du es vor Ort findest! Keine Pakete, keine Rücksendungen.