Capmatcher has been founded by seasoned business angel investors and private equity professionals to close the gap between manual and offline (expensive) high quality leads to deals and bad data and poor internet leads with no personal connections.


Seed Stage




Capmatcher is the leading free digital accelerator for pre-seed, seed and series A stage startups.

More than 1.200 startups seeking 950.000.000 Euro funding across all verticals get digitally matched with 120.000 global early stage investors


Fastest growing curated startup deal flow in Europe due to innovative digital online acquisition marketing. All startups are manually checked and curated towards high-quality data and personal information. Investors get access to live projects and founders with ease. Team Members

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  • Eingetragen in einem deutschen Handelsregister
  • Hauptquartier in Deutschland
  • Skalierbares Geschäftsmodell
  • Innovatives Geschäftsmodell ist ein weltweit kostenloser digitaler Beschleuniger und Intro-Manager für Start-ups und Investoren. Fokussiert auf Pre-Seed, Seed und Serie A Phasen