Coursepath LMS

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As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Coursepath is immediately ready to go. With just a few clicks you set up your own academy and use the built-in authoring tool to create courses.


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SaaS (applied IT)



We want organizations to work lean and smart and people to be satisfied throughout the organization because they feel qualified, empowered and connected.

As an expert on online knowledge management, we deliver the LMS software for enhancing and monitoring knowledge and skills levels on a continuous basis.


One of our happy client, DER Travel Agencies (8.000 active learners):

"We believe in blended learning as the combination of live training with online pre- and/or post-study via Coursepath LMS offers the most successful learning experience”.

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Coursepath LMS
Coursepath is your LMS platform to train employees and partners faster, revise courses quickly and stay flexible in training goals and groups
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