dryw.org combines in a playful, innovative and forward-looking way:

1. Non-profit organizations that rely on donations

2. Donors who want to support charitable projects

3. Sponsors who want to double donations






dryw.org is an innovative donation platform that makes donations more effective and more fun than traditional ways:

- The donations go directly to 100% directly to the non-profit organizations.

- The donations will be doubled.

- Everyone can combine their own trips, runs, walks and rides with donations and share them with his friends via social media.


Dryw.org benefits foundations, companies, non-profit organizations - and ultimately the entire 3rd sector

- Greater visibility for foundations and businesses among nonprofit organizations and the public

- Increase of the social impact by a systematic increase a means (Studies prove that the systematic use of matching (donation doubling) elements lead to an overall higher income)

- Through this: Dynamisation of the non-profit sector as a whole

- At the heart of the platform is the individual, the donor, and his preferences to do good

dryw.org Team Members

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  • Hauptquartier in Deutschland
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dryw.org bringt Spender, Fundraiser und Spendenverdoppler für einen guten Zweck zusammen.