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Due to health and environment problems caused by dust, a first product offers several industries a customized solution to control dust more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly than existing alternatives.

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Dust BioSolutions has developed proprietary technologies based upon microbiologically induced calcite precipitation. It is a bio-geochemical process that induces calcium carbonate precipitation within the soil matrix. Biomineralization in the form of calcium carbonate precipitation has naturally evolved and can be traced back millions of years. Soil microorganisms that are natural components of ecological systems are the key driver in carbonate precipitation. The microorganisms precipitate calcium carbonate, serve as nucleation site and achieve a tridimensional solidification of particles. We have developed a process that is robust to changing environmental conditions, such as varying temperatures and pH levels, and that can be applied on different soil types.

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Dust BioSolutions

Dust BioSolutions is a start-up company focusing on industrial applications of biotechnology.