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With edcosystems, we run a platform called Atlas, where we list thus organizations and inform teachers and schools about appropriate programs and experts they can book for their classes.


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We dream of a world in which schools lead social transformation and empower their students to shape a sustainable future. With our Atlas (www.atlas.schule) - a platform that connects teachers to experts they can invite to their classroom - we support teachers to inspire their students for the variety of topics they cover in school. By connecting students with real world experts they see that what they learn in school really matters outside of school. Teachers can access the Atlas easily, search for experts quickly and free of charge. We focus on making it easy for teachers to inspire their students and thus build motivation and foster the personal development of individual students. We are not interested in criticizing established learning methods, but rather in developing the potential of teaching through extracurricular learning venues and adapting it to future needs.


To date, there is no transparent platform that provides extra-curricular educational opportunities all over Germany, distinguishes them according to competencies, and, in particular, addresses the goals of Sustainable Development Goals and 21 Century Skills. In our opinion, this is fundamentally important because we want to prepare our students not only for the present but also for their and our future.

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Inspiration through practice - We help teachers find professional educational opportunities that enrich their teaching.