ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH

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We supply complete fiine dust filter systems for indoor / outdoor use cases and with integrated fine dust powder filter.

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On the basis of residues from the food processing industry as filter media, we have developed a fine dust filter which is able to precipitate particulates out of ambient air (efficiency greater than 90 %). The material, used as filter media is a powder which acts as depth filter in form of a packed bed. We do prevent 44900 cases of earlier dead / year in Germany, due to fine dust health issues.


The first sustainable and recyclable fine dust filter system on the market

Production costs 10 times less than conventional Silica

Additional earnings by selling heat, incurred during production process

Usecases indoors and outdoors, in industry, farming and in endconsumer products

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ETE EmTechEngineering GmbH
We keep people healthy, by developing and supplying technologies for clean ambiet air, and having the powder to do more.
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