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expertist makes the work of recruiters easier and accompanies them in a structured manner throughout the entire consultant purchasing process. The total cost of purchasing consulting services can be drastically reduced because prices are comparable.

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expertist is a cloud-based source-to-contract platform for purchasing consulting services. With us, you can easily find the right consultants and additionally combine the offers of your established service providers on one platform. You use the competition and can benefit from bidding procedures and eAuctions automatically using eNegotiations.


- Easy to use: Simple and intuitive platform.

- All under one roof: Combination of offers of established and new service providers on one platform.

- Evaluation matrix: Desired quality factors can be weighted to the price.

- Active recruiting or own consultant pool: expertist can be used for recruiting new or request offers of known service provider.

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expertist is a digital assistant for the purchase of consulting services to easily find suitable consultants and negotiate with them.