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We provide a digital trust certificate for online shops and international marketplaces that show the Authorized Reseller verification of the seller to build trust with new potential customers in 3 seconds or less. More trust = More sales!

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What is FakeScouts

FakeScouts is an award-winning brand protection solution for omnichannel eCommerce. We offer a digital trust certificate that enables brands to verify their authorized resellers and make that fact visible to consumers in any multichannel situation. Our SaaS solution works with every shopping cart system. It even works with international online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba by uploading a QR code version of the certificate in your product image gallery. But this is only the start of a much bigger vision to transform the eCommerce industry.

The problem we solve

80% of all consumer brands worldwide are affected by counterfeits valued at 500 Billion USD in economic damage each year. With every 1 in 5 items sold online being a fake product, consumers are increasingly losing trust in online shopping as marketplaces open up to international sellers.

Who will benefit from our solution

• Brands can manage their authorized resellers to protect their supply chain and build trust with consumers,

which leads to less economic damage and increased overall brand value.

• Merchants can verify themselves in omnichannel eCommerce to build trust and increase sales. • Consumers can easily verify the seller status and trust in the originality of branded goods.


FakeScouts is a universal brand protection platform open to all brands and industries that can be included in any shopping cart system and international marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba. Currently, there is no competitor able to provide such a solution. We have an extensive roadmap adding even more valuable features to all participants in the supply chain and knitting them all more closely together.

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Award-Winning Brand Protection platform - Digital trust certificates for Multichannel eCommerce
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