Finoa has developed a fully digital, smartphone-controlled custody solution for institutional investors in Digital Assets, solving most common security issues with blockchain-based assets and providing a frictionless experience for asset safeguarding

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Finoa provides banking-grade custody and asset-servicing solutions for Digital Assets, customized to institutional investors, HNWI and corporations. The unique warm-storage custody platform enables its users to store and manage their cryptographic tokens under military-grade security standards, while providing a directly accessible, highly intuitive and unique user-experience. To provide multi-asset productivity the custody infrastructure serves as the base to a growing product portfolio, such as Prime Brokerage, Staking and Lending. Finoa was founded in 2018, is based in Berlin/Germany and is granted a preliminary crypto custody license approval as qualified custodian (§64y KWG) by German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Finoa is backed by renowned investors like Coparion, Venture Stars and Signature Ventures.


Finoa Custody, is specially designed for Institutional Investors that want to securely store their Digital Assets:

- Full protection of Digital Assets in crypto-native banking infrastructure

- 100% Digital, 100% Mobile, 100% Secure

- Immediate asset-accessibility through biometric fingerprint (PSD2 compliant) and proprietary Warm-Storage technology

- Multi-signature processing (M-of-N), tailored to Institutional Investors

- Private Keys cryptographically secured in Utimaco hardware-security-modules (HSM - 100% offline), the choice of the German Federal Intelligence Agencies

- Security infrastructure in Finoa-controlled high-security data center

Leveraging our team and expertise, Finoa is building the most trusted solution for Digital Assets, combining maximum user-friendliness with the highest security levels available in the market.

Finoa is aiming to become a regulated custodial institution starting in 2020.

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