Fixario is a technological B2C web & mobile platform aimed at 2 target consumer groups - private households and handy men - publishing request for a handy man, auto-matching, cashless payment and invoicing as well as final rating.






The startup solves several problems for our two target groups: domestic households and technicians / handy men / craftsmen. Through Fixario, the consumer can book a handyman without having to research the market, compare offers or prices from various handymen and necessity of prior contact with them. The price per hour is available upfront and the billing is calculated by the minute.

The handy men get paid instantly upon completion of the job by the actual time worked. Automated electronic invoicing is provided by Fixario, saving time and effort for all parties.

The MVP is planned to be launched in October 2020.


Fixario provides a solution to two user groups - the end consumers looking for technicians and for technicians looking for jobs.

There’s no need for comparing technicians and negotiating details and prices, we have a smart matching algorithm.

Hourly rates are calculated upfront for specific types of jobs.

The payment is done over the platform by the exact working time which is also captured at the platform.

All involved parties receive automated invoices so there's no need for manual calculations.

The platform provides unique features like smart calendar or loyalty programs for the handy men.

The platform is suitable for individual entrepreneurs as well as for large organisations.

The platform is multilingual and scalable.

Households benefit from qualified and certified handy men.

Fixario Team Members

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  • Hauptquartier in Deutschland
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Marktplatz für Haushalte, auf dem man leicht einen Handwerker finden, automatisch mieten und bezahlen kann, mit automatischer Rechnungsstellung und anderen intelligenten Funktionen