Fully automatic leasing system, enabling customers to conclude a contract in just 90 seconds right at the point of sale

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Leasing is a giant and growing market. However, the majority of the outdated industry is caught up in complex processes, which are very costly and timeconsuming, and thereby a major pain for the customers, the equipment dealers, and the leasing companies themselves. Flexvelop is the future of leasing, as everything we do is more efficient, more effective and ultimately fair and easy. Win - Win.


Fully digitalized system

Own technology with multiple untapped extensions (Depp Learning Risk-Algorithm / White Label / ...)

Scalable throughout Europe and beyond

First mover with the vision of building and leading the first digital ecosystem

Flexvelop Team Members

  • Validierte Teammitglieder auf der Startbase
  • Eingetragen in einem deutschen Handelsregister
  • Hauptquartier in Deutschland
  • Skalierbares Geschäftsmodell
  • Innovatives Geschäftsmodell


Flexvelop ist die erste vollständig digitalisierte Leasinggesellschaft und ist dadurch in der Lage, geschäftskritische Ausrüstung für wachsende Unternehmen auf einfachste, schnellste und fairste Weise zu finanzieren.
  • 2018
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Flexvelop GmbH (UG)
  • Handelsregister
  • Hamburg, DE