We provide interactive maps as a productivity tool for frontline workers. The map enables users to work more efficiently due to a better situational awareness in their workplace with information on people, things and places around them.

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FORMATION provides a productivity app based on an interactive map for frontline workers. The interactive map for in- and outdoor work environments enables users to search their entire workplace without walking. The worker can find colleagues or equipment and even sees the fastest way to getthere. The map also lets workers interact with (IoT)machines and manage location based tasks and meetings.

Our app sits as a layer above deep-tech in- & outdoor positioning systems and utilizes already installed systems or we match the best technology for the respective use-case.

80% of the global workforce are frontline workers! They still spend up to 2/3 of their time searching and waiting for people and equipment. We aim to reduce this inefficiency globally, as constant searching is not only frustrating for workers but also costly to companies.

In addition, as work environments become increasingly smarter, FORMATION empowers workers, using a hand-held tool - their smartphone - to keep up with and to benefit from the digitalisation instead of being threatened by it.


- We provide an easy to use interactive map as a productivity tool for frontline workers

- The interactive map allows users to collaborate, share location specific information, tasks and more

- Our interactive map works for any large in- and outdoor workplace

- We integrate various existing positioning and tracking technologies as well as IoT connectivity to the map

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Digitales Produktivitätsapp für Mitarbeiter in weitläufigen Arbeitsumgebunge, wie beispielsweise im Facility Management oder Eventdurchführung.
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