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Technology is needed to provide data-based feedback regarding the hand hygiene behaviour. NosoEx sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the hospital infrastructure and the work routine. Hence, all hand hygiene events are monitored.

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4.5 million people suffer from hospital-acquired infections in Europe every year. Our hands are the transmission path no. 1 for germs. Unfortunately, only 50% of the required hand disinfection is actually done.

Technology-driven support is required. The answer is NosoEx - the digital assistant for infection control.


a. Our technology is independent from the dispenser

b. Hence, clients do not have to change the existing dispenser infrastructure

c. We just upgrade the dispensers that are already there

d. NosoEx is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, because Wifi is more energy-consuming and not available in every hospital

e. IoT infrastructure and sensor technology can be reused for other use cases (e.g. bed tracking)

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GWA Hygiene

IoT system for monitoring hygiene processes in hospitals and companies.
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