Hamburg Applications MES


2 Business Units: Prevention & Theraphy AND Technology & Science. The HaBio08 Microchip is the heart of all products.

With MoGaSens we are developing a platform sensing, observing and feeback physical exercises.

Biowissenschaften & Gesundheitspflege

Seed Stage




The heart of all applications is the own microchip for biosignal acquisition. The MoBio RT is ready for sale for teaching & research of biosignals. The product SEBA (measurement of stress at working places)- sales start will be 2020.

Future- 2 funding projects:

1) Technology- Microchip to process biosignals

2) Fitness Shirt observing training efficency


Own Microchip for Biosignal Acquisition (EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG)

- Cost advantage of 26€/chip

- Hardware implemented IIR filter for real time applications

- Hardware implemented integrator for long term applications (stronger signals particularly in such situations where the electrodes are not having 100% contact to the skin)

Hamburg Applications MES Team Members

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Hamburg Applications MES

Hamburg Applications entwickelt Anwendungen mit eigener Technologie (Mikrochip zur Erfassung von Biosignalen) im Bereich Prävention & Therapie.
  • 2012
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