Product / Service Summary

- An online platform allowing logistics companies to design and implement shared automates by the visual, web interface

- Domain-Driven Design

- Single-page app

- Tech Stack: Nodejs, React, Angular, React Native, PHP Symfony

- mobile application

Automotive, Logistics & Mobility

Startup Stage

SaaS (applied IT)



Hublock has two key functions. The first one allows our users to create their own automations for processes on a visual web interface. The user don't need any IT background or even a IT department to create those automations (No-Code). The second functions is to be able to share data and communicate in real time between any participants in a supply chain. Our user can still use their own logistics software and serve hublock as a gate between different logistics IT solutions.


Visual web interface to create your own automations.

No-code platform

Real time communication between all participants

IT system independent

3rd party devices integration

Big Data analysis

both direction API Team Members

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Hublock is a no-code platform enabling effortless global real-time communication between all participants of logistical processes.