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The hybrid lidar procedure is a new concept that is based on research and algorithms from Dr. Amr Eltaher. It combines the advantages of the two methods ToF (Time of Flight) and PV (Phase Shifting) and therefore is very unique in the market. Several patents have been filed and some more are still in the planning stage.


Inexpensive: no costly AD converter, high frequency technology, very high sample rates or signal processing procedures necessary

Fast scanning speed: because the procedure does not use reflected pulses to evaluate measuring the distance directly

Reliability: the phase shift is achieved by several approaches (e.g. maximum likelihood and curve fitting) and determines and calibrates itself

Time-to-Market: within a short time any requirements of sensors can be adjusted, because the accuracy of distance measurement and range is not is limited through ASIC

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Hybrid Lidar Systems AG

A human sees with its eyes and the machine of the future sees with the help of LiDAR.