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Incide enables a new way to experience the own surroundings, to connect with your friends and with the whole world.

Media, Arts & Entertainment

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We are a young 9 headed team who is working on Incide for over 2 years.

Recenlty we have launched our open-beta with over 500 users and now we are working with the big amount of feedback on the optimization.

The next step is the official launch which we want to realise early in march 2019.


See everything important that is happening around you

Incide recognizes real hotspots by itself

Set your privacy with just one slide, share something for your close friends or even for the whole world

Incide offers a new kind of "Win-Win-Situation" for customers (user) and businesses

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Added: 04.02.2019
Updated: 08.05.2020
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Incide is a social network which brings the happenings from the normal world into the virtual.