KIRAMIGA - beyond relocation


Service for international employees & their families to integrate easier and in a practical way into their new life. We want them to feel safe and welcome in the area of Stuttgart.






Aiming at the specialists & executives plus their families we offer hands-on seminars for groups or individuals such as medical & emergency,grocery shopping & more, public transport, travel, German lifestyle, kids in Germany, pregnancy & babies.

We also offer private sessions for individual questions & issues (such as emotional support, doctors’ appointments), plus networking events.


We are unique - we take the relocation a step further by concentrating on integration into the daily life.

The expensive relocation is more likely to be successful, as the specialists & their families are more likely to stay, if they feel good about where they live.

Right from the beginning the employee is able to use his/her full potential without being distracted by home affairs. Therefore you benefit immediately from the knowledge transfer.

The workload of the HR is relieved. Internal costs are reduced because you only pay for our service per booking - plus the families have a neutral point of entry for their issues.

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KIRAMIGA - beyond relocation

Neu in der Gegend von Stuttgart - wir unterstützen dich oder deine Mitarbeiter - was auch immer deine Bedürfnisse sind, wir bieten dir Hilfe auf persönlicher Ebene und möchten, dass du dich perfekt willkommen fühlst.
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