Our customers benefit from energy IoT services such as energy efficiency modes (reduce energy consumption up to 30% per device and year), smart grid services (integrating the devices into virtual power plants) and predictive maintenance services.

Energie & Elektrizität

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The restaurant sector has a very high energy consumption and a huge potential to reduce it. This is what we have made to our task. On our platform, we connect manufacturers, restaurants and other key partners. With our self-developed smart plug we enable the measurement of energy data which we use to offer energy efficiency and maintenance services to increase sustainability and efficiency.


The topics of sustainability and digitalisation are of great concern for the restaurant sector. The pressure from the market continues to increase and therefore manufacturers and also restaurants are required to develop new digital solutions. Conventional IoT solutions developed by the manufacturers for e.g. monitoring of telemetry data offer little added value for restaurants and their customers. Our USP is the focus on energy data and its analysis. This enables us to generate new added value in the area of IoT and digitalization for all partners integrated into the platform.

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KOENA tec betreibt eine IoT-Plattform für intelligente Energiedienstleistungen, um den Restaurantsektor nachhaltiger und energieeffizienter zu machen.
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