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Über die Firma

KPMG member firms operate in 147 countries, collectively employing more than 219,000 people, serving the needs of business, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and through member firms' audit and assurance practices, the capital markets. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the public's trust through our actions and behaviours both professionally and personally.

What We Offer

KPMG Venture Services

KPMG Venture Services supports young and innovative companies in achieving sustainable growth in order to jointly advance the European start-up ecosystem.

KPMG Venture Matching

The industry-specific program is limited to a maximum of twelve participants and includes three training days with various workshops on topics such as sales, recruiting, internationalization, taxes, law and more.

KPMG Venture Funding

In individual training sessions KPMG helps startups to master the funding challenge. KPMG experts are available to answer individual questions on financing, legal and tax issues. Participants receive exclusive access to the international KPMG network of CVCs, VCs and family offices.

Digital Office: Collaboration

Collaboration tools help organisations to improve their digital team work. Information need to be easily shared, so that every team member is on track.

Digital Office: Smart Processes

Solutions that help organisations to enhance the digital customer experience or help to increase productivity,mitigate risks and ensure high performance.

Digital Services: Automation

Intelligent (robotic) solutions that help organisations to automate processes by using mashines or systems that work without human control.

Digital Services: Data Analytics

Digital solutions that help organisations to evaluate their raw data, define data processes, run market research and give advice for actions.

Digital Services: Virtual Services

Solutions that provide organisations with tools to visualize customer experience virtual and build up digital working processes.

Smart Community: Digital Cities

Tools/Solutions that digitize and connect public institutions and sectors of general interest.

Smart Community: Social Community

Social solutions that help cities, individuals and local organisations to secure social life and every-day processes of general interest.

Human Relations: Recruiting

Tools that help organisations to digitize their recruiting process, enhance their recuriting performance and become more attractive to potenzial employees.

Human Relations: People Management

Solutions that help organisations to digitize HR related topics, increase the commitment of employees and secure knowledge management.

HealthCare: Online Doctor

Medical tools for individuals to participate in digital treatment, consulting from medical experts and online training sessions.

HealthCare: Medical network

Tools to consolidate and manage medical data, digitize medical networks and monitor healthcare systems and processes.

HealthCare: Medical tools

Solutions that help the healthcare system to optimize medical procedures, offer new clinical value or ensure digital medical treatment.

FinTech: Payments

Tools that help organisations to digitize their payments processes by offering mobile card payment systems or cashless payments.

FinTech: Finance

Solutions that help organizations to digitize financial actions and provide digital and smart platforms for fundings and loans.

eLearning: Education

Tools that help individuals and the public education system to study, digitize and manage traditional learning content online.

eLearning: Training

Solutions that help individuals to increase their knowledge in various areas apart from traditional education.

Consumer Goods: Fitness & Workout

Online tools that help individuals to physical workout and pursue once own sport's interests withouth having time dependancy and/or access to sport complexs.

Consumer Goods: Delivery

Solutions that enable individuals to order online and have the items delivered to their homes.

Consumer Goods: Fun Tools

Solutions that digitize tradtional toys/games or offer individuals joy via online content.


Eric Haselier
Christina Cramer
Benjamin Jetter
Ashkan Kalantary Partner
Tim Dümichen Partner

Nachrichten über KPMG

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