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Livello is building the future of Automated Autonomous Retail

Nutrition & Consumables

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Livello offers an innovative retail solution in the form of a smart fridge with the capability to autonomously identify, track, manage and sell products. Our automated micromarket is checkout-less and able to sell any consumer product in any commercial space, 24/7.


First to market. First provider of intelligent vending fridges in Germany with market, network and technology head start and product validation.

Cost Advantage. Preferred conditions in purchasing, production and logistics. Strategic partners allow better pricing and higher margins.

Proprietary Technology. Modular hardware and cloud connected software solution for automated product tracking, inventory, user and fulfillment management.

Payment. Only provider that offers direct payment at PoS via debit, credit card and other forms of cashless payment. Registration is optional.

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Livello GmbH
Livello is building the future of Automated Autonomous Retail.