Digitalization of the compressed air industry - Comressed Air 4.0 and smart leakage management.

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Compressed air (C.A.) nowadays: inefficient,expensive,calculated values-as a result, companies pay too much for C.A., that they have to generate&maintain by themselves.The new status quo: LOOXR. Digitalization of this industry, for:100% transparency,supply reliability and energy efficiency with savings up to 50%.We offer C.A. as a service with pay per use- Real-time data, manufacturer independent!


Independent from any manufacturer - all brands and all types of systems can be integrated into LOOXR

Measurement of real-time values, no theoretical/ calculated values

Compressed Air as a Service - Pay per Use solutions instead of 100% fixed costs through investment into compressor system (because of generation & maintenance by end-consumer)

Competence through compressed air expert partner, Mader GmbH&Co. KG

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LOOXR revolutioniert die Druckluftindustrie - von ineffizient und teuer zu transparent, effizient und intelligent.