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Booka Local

Plattform zur Vermittlung zwischen ausländischen Personen und deutschsprachigen Helfern für verschiedene Aufgaben, zum Beispiel für die Begleitung zu Terminen oder Alltagsangelegenheiten.
  • Tourismus
  • Seed Stage
  • Plattform
  • B2C
  • 2021
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Berlin, DE
  • MCL Booka Local UG

Über die Firma

Booka Local is a Berlin-based Startup. The idea was started with the founder herself being surrounded by international people who struggle to settle in Berlin because of language barriers, herself being one of them some years ago. And then she realized that all these problems, e.g. making phone calls in German or attending appointments in Bürgeramt, can be solved by connecting these people with the bilingual local helpers at an affordable price. How are they connected? Just like booking on Uber, but instead of a taxi, a friendly local helper comes to the spot.

The Team Booka Local thrives on bringing positive social impact to the community. With our platform, we hope that the international people can finally enjoy their stay in Germany while supporting the locals by letting the locals support them.

Über das Produkt

Booka Local is a platform where international people can book bilingual local helpers to help them with language-related tasks. Compared to other alternatives in the market, our users do not have to connect to various service providers but are offered a simple "few-clicks" booking system to quickly place an order. We take responsibility of arranging the helpers and provide them with all the essential knowledge on assisting the customers in various situations. This is an advantage that the other alternatives do not have: customers there are to compare and choose the service providers themselves, with different pricing and unknown service quality.

Just like the difference between buying on Amazon and Ebay Kleinanzeigen:

Booka Local operates like Amazon in a way that our customer can speak to us directly if there is a problem with the task or with the helper. We will serve as a mediator to handle disputes and refunds. Other available alternatives run like Ebay Kleinanzeigen where the users have to deal with individual providers without the security that we provide.


Mei Chi Lo Founder

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