Meetingly is about making your business meetings more effective and collaborative in preparation, execution and post processing.






Meetingly makes business meetings a pleasure. Choose an agenda template and let the timer and audio hints do the rest to end meetings in time. Every participant can easily propose topics and all notes are combined to a single protocol. Find all needed data across all your protocols let meetingly remind you of your tasks. That's how to do business meetings nowadays.


Meetingly fosters the collaboration in business meeting preparation and execution. Participants can propose agenda topics and meeting notes from all participants are summarized to a single protocol. You can even see the added notes in real time. It's also fun to choose from an beautiful designed agenda template that fits your needs best.

With a search function that works across all your protocols you can find your desired information and decisions by text phrases or tags even if you don't know which meeting that topic was discussed.

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Meetingly macht geschäftliche Treffen zu einem Vergnügen. Wähle eine Agenda-Vorlage und lass den Timer und die Audio-Hinweise den Rest erledigen, um die Meetings rechtzeitig zu beenden. Jeder Teilnehmer kann einfach Themen vorschlagen und alle Notize