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Build your inventory with Memrange and share your assets in individual safes. You retain control over all shared content: Decide who is allowed to use what, when and how long!

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Build your inventory of assets with the MemrangeR (MEMRANGE App). Share these assets individually with family and partners. Control the digital vaults all time by handing out keys or destroying issued keys. Record and share passwords, documents and all other information of value for you and others (inheritors). MEMRANGE is highly secured and neither we nor the NSA can see whats in your locker!


Safest app for building and sharing vaults for inheritance and businesses

Always control what you share

Automatic measures if you die or can‘t react

Record (farewell) messages

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Imagine a digital vault with many lockers - MEMRANGE handles the distribution and updating of your assets in lockers, and you decide who gets a key.