(Electric) car-/bikesharing via an easy-to-handle app: offered to give added value (and a sustainable mobility option) to employers, employees and customers (companies), to owners and tenants (real-estate) and to communities and their citizens

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We provide easy accessible, station-based mobility sharing solutions, focussed on areas and specifics, current public accessible mobility options are not serving well. We strive to be a sympathic, easy and reliable brand for new mobility: loved by companies as we help them to lower their emission-levels, loved by our clients for the real added value to their daily needs in mobility and loved by the environment for being emission-free.


- technically one product, but customised for defined user-groups such as companies, real-estate, tourism as well as for sub-urban and rural communities (markets the big ones are not looking into)

- all-electric fleets (purely), both cars and bikes (and potentially other means) over one platform

- we actively provide co-sharing of different user-groups (assigned to use same fleet of vehicles)

- we support larger companies to compensate their carbondioxid-levels through funding our mobility presence on regional levels

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Mobileeee bringt E-Sharing für Dienstfahrzeuge an deutsche Flughäfen

Auf einem Flughafen fahren viele Dienstfahrzeuge herum. Doch die meisten sind nur stundenweise ausgelastet. Dafür hat Mobileeee ein E-Carsharing-Modell entwickelt.

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