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Clients can choose between a consulting service and a licensed product solution.

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Our patent pending Motion Mining® solution uses movement & location data (effortlessly collected by wearables & beacons) to record manual working processes in logistics & production. Individual activities & processes are automatically recognized using a self-developed, state-of-the-art deep learning pattern recognition solution and then further processed for efficiency & ergonomics optimizations


- Significant time savings are achieved through automatic recording and analysis of manual work processes. While traditional work-science methods are extremely cost and time consuming and only record small snippets of data, Motion Mining can record multiple processes simultaneously over longer time periods with minimum expenditures. When choosing the consulting service, we set up the hardware and evaluate and present optimization potentials. With the licensed product solution, customers can completely independently setup different use cases and subsequently receive analyses in a cloud-based dashboard.

- A holistic analysis of efficiency and ergonomics takes place. Motion-Mining® is currently the only solution that allows simultaneous recording and improvement of process efficiency and working conditions, benefitting all participants in the company.

- There is no need to involve the operational IT department when implementation the Motion Mining® solution. Being able to operate without an IT interface not only simplifies the integration while enabling a faster project start, it also ensures a quick return of investment for the customers, especially for single use projects.

- Simple anonymization compared to existing solutions. This is a decisive selling point for works councils, especially in Central Europe. In contrast to other analyzing methods such as camera analyzes, Motion Mining data does not produce direct references to individual employees.

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