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Development, production and sale of molecular biological methods and biotechnological products, consulting of other companies and natural persons in the production and sale of molecular biological products as well as biotechnological services.


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The basic technologies bioDECONT® and bioCLEAN are water-based solution systems for the new, biocompatible disinfection and decontamination. In addition to the efficient killing of microorganisms, bioDECONT also causes the degradation of DNA and RNA. Despite their high antimicrobial efficacy, these solutions contain only harmless biomolecules and active ingredients and are non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of organic solvents. These solutions are also used as additives to improve the performance of conventional old products, especially for pesticides. multiBIND holds active patents and is constantly generating new patent applications.

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Multibind Biotech
Mainly manufacture and sale of molecular biological methods and biotechnological products.