We provide BBQ savy online customers an access to high quality craft beef & pork from regionally well kept and gras fed Cattle and pigs. The meat quality is superior and fresh. Nose to Tail quality meat that goes beyond BIO regulations.

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MyLocalMeat provides an opportunity for online customers to get Craft Beef from gras fed cattle and pigs produced in remote areas and provide a controlled quality beyond BIO and the better welfare of farm animals. We provide butchers and Farmers an opportunity to unlock their hidden production reserves and simply expand their stationary business to the online e-commerce using dropshipping and performance marketing concepts.


We bring local butcher craftsmen with great quality meat from local farmers with grass fed cattle and pigs to the e-commerce and connect them with performance marketing and dropshipping concepts and provide the whole e-payment, shipping material, shipping services & documents. All the butcher needs to do is pack up the order, wait for pick up and get paid above market price.

We hence connect a stationary butcher shop in remote areas with BBQ savy and wealthy e-commerce customers in cities. We monetize by taking a spread for buying and selling of the meat while in a later stage would raise recurring fees for butchers and farmers using our platform.

The concept is completely scalable and unlocks large production reserves in butchers stores while helping them with overcoming the shortage of catering opportunities that made up a large part of the business of butchers before covid-19 and the lack of front office service personell.

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Online-Vertrieb von Gourmetfleisch aus dem Odenwald in Paketen, in denen das ganze Tier verarbeitet wird.
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