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  • Energie & Elektrizität
  • Startup-Phase
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  • B2B
  • 2021
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
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  • Passau, DE
  • pionize.de
  • Pionize

Über die Firma

As two of the founders ... an online shop selling energy-saving products, one particular thing was brought to their attention: As far as smart home products are concerned, finding and controlling a smart home turns out as being an incredibly complex process. That realization was the beginning of a vision: A smart home platform that makes finding, controlling and managing a smart home as easy as never before!

Über das Produkt

Our Team generates an innovative smart home platform that helps users find their individualized smart home by answering only five questions about them. Furthermore, customers can manage and control all their smart devices through only one application - absolutely regardless of the manufacturer of the device!

The team of Pionize consists of 4 students of the University of Passau: Maximilian Hauke, Alexander Lerach, Tymofii Melnyk and Mirabror Mirzokhidov. As you can tell by the names of the founders, we are an international and multicultural team. Maximilian Hauke is specialized on the fields of marketing, public relations and distribution. Alexander Lerach looks after the product management as well as the UI/UX design of Pionize. The task of Mirabror Mirzokhidov is the backend development whereas Tymofii Melnyk works in frontend development.

In a startup, it´s never easy to find an appropriate team that is willing to work hard and therefore having to cut back privately. We are very lucky to find us in a very motivated and involved team, that is - at all times - doing its very best to meet the high standards that we ourselves set for us as a startup and for our product.


Maximilian Hauke

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